Expert sentencing-related guidance from highly experienced criminal defense counsel.

There is no moment more important for a criminal defendant than sentencing, when the presiding judge formally pronounces punishment.  Notably, judges – especially federal judges – often have very broad discretion when it comes to choosing an appropriate sentence. This discretion is a double-edged sword: the right approach to sentencing can result in a more lenient punishment, while the wrong approach can result in a harsher one.

Matt Jacobs has participated in well over 100 sentencings, in a wide variety of cases – ranging from misdemeanor mail obstruction to terrorism-related murder offenses and everything in between. That experience gives our firm essential insight into the legal, practical, and human considerations that judges weigh when fashioning a sentence, including the countless mitigating and aggravating factors that often push judges toward leniency on the one hand or harshness on the other. 

We know how to structure sentencing arguments in written submissions and oral presentations.  We know what sort of evidence – including letters of support from third parties – are most helpful.  And, most importantly, we know how defendants can best position themselves – through both their actions and statements to the court – to receive a lenient sentence.

If you or a loved one are awaiting sentencing and would like to discuss strategies for achieving the best possible outcome, contact the Jacobs Law Firm for a confidential and complimentary consultation.

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