Crimes of Violence

Crimes of Violence

Violent crimes carry severe, life-altering penalties. We leverage our extensive criminal trial experience to pursue pre-trial dismissal or reduction of your charges, defeat the charges at trial, or secure a favorable plea agreement.

From years of criminal trial experience – including on the prosecution side – we understand how criminal cases are built and won. We know how to question witnesses, dissect the government’s case, and connect with juries. And just as importantly, our exceptional track record of success in the courtroom gives us maximum leverage when negotiating plea agreements.

Successfully defending a criminal charge requires mastery of the factual record, deep understanding of the relevant law, and the ability to persuade judges and juries.  We digest every shred of evidence related to the alleged crime – and closely examine the conduct of law enforcement – to develop the most effective defense strategy.

There are numerous violent crimes federal and state law, including assault and battery, aggravated assault (assault with a deadline weapon), robbery and armed robbery, weapons and firearms charges, arson, sex crimes (including “date” rape), theft and burglary, narcotics offenses, resisting arrest, car jacking, murder and attempted murder, voluntary manslaughter, domestic violence, kidnapping, criminal threats, and mayhem, among many others. If you’re facing criminal charges for a crime of violence, contact the Jacobs Law Firm for a complimentary consultation today.

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